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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


CoffeeTalk Media Los Angeles is an anti-racist organization committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our company, on our platforms, in our products and with our partners.

As an entertainment company we believe the best stories are told through diverse and authentic voices and representation in front of and behind the lens and on the stage. 

We expect all of our employees, companies we control stages that give voice to our messaging and and contractual workers to be held accountable to the following: 

  • To oppose discrimination, harassment or racism of any kind.

  • To treat everyone with dignity and respect.

  • To recognize and interrupt bias within themselves and others.

  • To speak up against actions that threaten the physical and psychological safety of others.

  • To create space for diversity of thoughts, ideas, and feelings to act as tools for innovation and creativity.

Our differences is what makes of unique, vibrant and very successful media company. and we strongly encourage our partners to adhere to our stated values as part of our expectations of doing business with one another.

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