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Eric Evans 

 Artist | Collaborator | Producer

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Artist Bio

 The Eric Evans Project is a collaboration of talented musicians that produce original pop/smooth jazz music. This collaboration features Eric Evans who is a multi-woodwind instrumentalist. He plays flute, alto flute, EWI, (a unique sounding electronic woodwind instrument that can play many sounds) and alto sax. Eric has had the privilege of being a featured performer Concert Venues, Jazz Festivals and as a music director for numerous churches. He has produced Three previous CD's including his third “Waves of Grace” with Singer/Songwriter David Eugene Ivey. Eric is inspired by diverse musical influences from classical to jazz to rock to new age that help define the diversity and passion in his music.

Eric's New Single Ode to Joy


New Single Release! ODE TO JOY - The Eric Evans Project

You’ll love his lustrous-jazzy touch on this eternally adored classic, “Ode to Joy”! This refreshed arrangement was given new inspiration with insights from Gary Santo-Pietro, (an integral part of Evans’ live shows and played Acoustic Guitar on the Track). David Eugene Ivey and Eric collaborated for the final arrangement, mix, and vibe with the addition of modern and classic orchestration, keys, and smooth synths! Accomplished bassist Ian Martin (Barry Manilow, Brian Simpson) lays down the essential bedrock on acoustic bass, Dan Needham takes point on drums (Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Jonathan Butler… to name just a few) And, to add next level zest, Billboard Chart topping Adam Hawley appears with keyboards and acoustic guitar! Adam Hawley Productions brings it all together! 

Set your heart free from the hustle-bustle this winter season and take a drive to the coast! Let Eric Evans flute put an “Ode to Joy” in your heart as you enjoy nature’s reflections on the gifts of life! 

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The Eric Evans Project - Live @ Jazz Diego

Eric's Photo Gallery 

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Eric Evans Flute

 Listen to Eric's New Single 

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