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Maria Emrik

Maria Emrik
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Maria Emrik is a Danish Singer Songwriter which have recorded more than 30 albums over the years? Some of the albums have been mastered and this is an ongoing process with so many recordings :-) Most of the recordings are also on reel-to-reel tape as I really like the analog big and thick sound, so the mastering really needs attention going from the analog to the digital format - I want to save as much of the old school sound as possible.


I have released some of the mastered albums on various music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Itunes, so it is possible for you to listen to them on your favorite music player. I'm often asked why I don't do concerts or interviews at the moment, and I understand that it can be hard to understand, but honestly, I don't think it's important to listen to me repeat my life story over and over again. And for me it doesn't make sense to have to play the same songs over and over again at concerts, I'd rather use my scarce time to write/record new songs and really immerse myself in the music, then release it for the joy of so many many more listeners worldwide, that way there are many more people who will experience my music compared to a small number of people at the concerts.

Fly Me To The Moon

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" I Fall in Love Too Easily

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_Youd be so nice to come home to_ Photo single release .png

You'd Be So Nice To Come Home T0_ 

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I would like to talk about my music. My music is my purpose – not me as a person. Trust me, I'm not that interesting :-) What I really love, is working in the music studio with my amazing team, where I can try - play - sing, and have a lot of fun with the sea of ​​technical possibilities, and I love to follow the very first fragile tone of the music with the many listening sessions along the way, to the complete recording, it's always exciting to hear if it turned out as you intended, this is very inspiring for both my voice and my writing skills :-)

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“Jazz is about human experience. It’s about the ability of singer songwriter like Maria to take the worst of circumstances and turn it into something creative.” She does that. CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio fan Shannon Wright (6 yrs)

“Maria’s songs are rooted in storytelling. Her voice transports listeners to a nostalgia time and place. Keep ‘em coming.”Patrick McCreary  CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio Fan’s


“Music isn't about music, it's about life and Maria says it so well through her songwriting and singing style. What a gift.” Andrea Reynolds CoffeTalk Jazz Radio Fan 4 years

Maria’s music is art. Her voice opens my imagination, I write poetry she inspired me to put pen to paper and keep writing pushing the envelope on my creative


Singer -songwriter Maria Emrik is brilliant! She is courageous, bold, and thoughtful, sharing her truth through each note. She has gumption. We should all be like Maria, willing to take the risk sharing our heart in a song she put heart out there. Michael Bronstein CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio fan CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio fan (8 years)

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Maria Emrik  Close Your Eyes
Maria Emrik & The Hammond Organ Music Album
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Dear Moon Maria Emrik OIP
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Maria Emrik Who I Am Music Album
Maria Emrik My Christmas Music Album
Maria Emrik The Man I Love Music Single
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