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Promotional Music Marketing Services

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Promotional Music Marketing 

Promotional Music Marketing 


Music and marketing is our passion, we are your one stop go to source offering effective marketing strategies to boost your new C.D. EP, Music, or Video with an experienced team of marketers, and creative personalities.  


We deliver the following: Radio Promo + Effective PR + Brand Campaigns + TV + social media + Artist Showcases + Magazine Exposure.  


We are a global collective of music lovers, game-changing creatives and enthusiastic about all thing's music.  We are guided by four core principles that underpin everything in radio, print media, television, and film. The talented artists, songwriters, instrumentalist will always be our driving force.

Ready To Market Your Music 

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Budget Friendly Payment Plans and Pricing Available 


Our Services  


Our music marketing services include digital campaigns, radio promotion, PR, artist development, content creation, touring, and strategic brand partnerships. Our team of experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of music marketing, allowing us to create campaigns that get you the best results.

​1. Developing Marketing Campaigns:

The marketing manager at CoffeeTalk outlines the marketing campaign strategy for the artist’s new single or album or upcoming tour. They work directly with the artist to develop the message of the campaign, to reach existing and potential fans. 


2 Tracking Analytics:

Whether they work independently or as part of a record label’s the CoffeeTalk marketing department, music marketers track analytics to assess the impact of email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and other methods of reaching music fans.


3 Live Gigs and Radio Promotion:

Promotional tour dates and live performances or “gigs” help sell records and get artist booked for festivals.  Our team helps you advertise tour dates, and the events are an opportunity to sell your merchandise (or “merch”) C'D's Books Shows or T-shirts. 


4. The CoffeeTalk music marketing team:

Manages an artist’s online presence, ensuring the artist’s new music is available via online music streaming services, and new music videos are on the official artist page and other partner or record label’s website streaming platforms, radio stations, and playlist curators to ensure they have the artist’s new music and catalog of previous recordings. 


5. Social Media Marketing:

Artists use social media as a marketing tool to share music, video content, interviews, and other content with fans who already follow the artist while also attracting new fans. By maintaining an active social media account, you boost fan engagement, and you can use the platform to establish connections and sustain interactions with superfans and other indie artists. At CoffeeTalk Media our marketing team also get valuable demographic information about an artist’s fan base from social media marketing data, including age range, location, and listening preferences. 

Ala Carte Services:

Events Flyers 

Website Design

EPKs / Press Kits Design

Designing Album Artwork

Facebook and Twitter Banners 


Professional Press and New Releases




We Offer Four Budget Friendly Options 

Marketing your music can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Our team of experts provides customized and affordable music marketing solutions that are easy on your wallet. From social media management to digital advertising, we have various options available to help you connect with your audience and build your brand without breaking the bank. Our focused yet cost-effective services are designed to help you promote your music efficiently while keeping your budget in mind.

The Music box Spotlight 
60 Day Campaign


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The Artist Spotlight
60 Day Campaign


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The Jazz Watch
60 Day Campaign


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The Musician's Corner 
60 Day Campaign



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