Promotional Music Marketing 

Promotional Music Marketing 

Promotional Music Marketing 


Music and marketing are our passion, we are your one stop go to source offering effective marketing strategies to boost your new C.D. EP, Music, and Video with an experienced team of marketers, and creative personalities.  


We deliver the following: Radio Promo + Effective PR + Brand Campaigns + TV + Social Media + Artist Showcases + Magazine Exposure.  


We are a global collective of music lovers, game-changing creatives and enthusiastic about all thing's music.  We are guided by four core principles that underpin everything in radio, print media, television, and film. The talented artists, songwriters, instrumentalist will always be our driving force.

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Jazz Watch $1295.00

Bronze CTJM Advertise thumbnail_IMG_3996.jpg

Musicbox Spotlight $1595.00  

Artist Spotlight $1095.00

GOLD CTJM Advertise thumbnail_IMG_3994.jpg

Musician's Corner $2700.00

Silver Advertise thumbnail_IMG_3993.jpg
Platinum CTJM Advertise thumbnail_IMG_3995.jpg