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Who is Pianist and Composer Yulia (Yulia Petrova)?


The year 2022 has began for Yulia with two silver medals at an international competition Global Music Awards for the song “The Love of God” in categories: composition and impact on the listener: motivational/inspiring. 

With a second album to follow, designed specifically with inspirational music to be played live in churches, Prayers and Dreams will bring Yulia’s songs straight to the people where they belong and help fulfill her destiny of bringing light, love, and inspiration to one & all, through music.


Her most recent single titled “Keep The Faith” is making a global impact all over major radio stations in the US and all across the world. Her Jazz prowess continues to be remarkably noticeable to all Jazz music lovers and legends that have run the same race.

The roots of Yulia Petrova’s extraordinary & exquisite technique as an artist & composer today, can all be traced back to the earliest days of her childhood, when she first discovered her connection to music by learning how to play piano at the age of five.  Though extremely young at the time, it was instantly clear she had a genuinely special gift and exceptional talent for her age, and it was only three years later before Yulia began to compose her very first songs, establishing her passions & pathway forward in life.

What Other's are Saying 

"Gorgeous intro,so haunting and tentative."​

 “This is amazing work. It swirls, it’s dark and frantic and blowing and wonderful. Reminded us of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The well-placed dissonance in the lead guitar works so well. The structure is perfect - solid theme with variations. You should be very proud of this, it is an excellent piece of work. The ending is simply fantastic. We all stood up and applauded. WOW.”

– Review of "Storm"


2021 Yulia Awards
best awards
IMG-4001-1920w (1)
Winner of the Best Song

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Upcoming Events

Saturday December 10th at 8pm

Ervay Theater Event Center (1707 S. Ervay Dallas TX 75215)

Buy tickets:

For more info: 844-944-5111 ex.

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