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 CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine 

 CoffeTalk Jazz Editor In Chief Interview

CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine is an online magazine that focuses on connecting fans with their favorite recording artists. We aim to provide fans with an exclusive look into the lives of their favorite musicians. Through our magazine, we are able to create an intimate and engaging experience. We provide readers with exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, and the latest news from their favorite recording artists. Whether you are a fan of jazz, classical, or hip-hop, you’ll find something to love at CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine. Join us and celebrate with recording artists today!

Terry Wollman a Billboard charting American Jazz/Pop musician. He is a music director, guitarist, producer and composer. He had the pleasure of speaking with Bridgette Lewis, the editor and chief of CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine. Find out how she created a global network that supports artists through, radio, media, television, movie and film.

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