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Music is powerful. It brings memories rushing back and inspire us to buy a product when it’s combined with the right advertisement television commercial or movie soundtrack.  We are working with agents in the television, movie and film industry. We are currently scouting new music for a variety of projects including, television shows, commercial film projects and movie trailer tracks. 

We have an opportunity to pitch your music. The movie studio's want nearly every genre you can think of including smoothing vocals, adult contemporary, instrumental funk and jazz. Just about any style you'd commonly hear on the radio, tv shows, video games or commercials. Music Supervisors and I are looking for you. Television and music licensing deals and sync placement using CoffeeTalk Media Group.

If you're looking for some supplemental marketing to promote your music, brand or book project you're in the right place. We're your one stop go to source offering effective marketing strategies to Boost Your new CD, EP, Music and Video. 


Why do you need to market your music, brand or book projects?  According to Reports and Data analysis, the global music market is expected to reach $210.3 billon by the year 2026 $210.3 billion by the year 2026, with 50% of the money earned in North America.


Select Your Investment Level
"Jazz Watch"- "Musicbox or Artist Spotlight" "The Musicians Corner"

The Jazz Watch Bronze Spotlight $895.00

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The Jazz Watch Silver Spotlight $1095.00

The Musicbox Spotlight $995.00

Silver Advertise thumbnail_IMG_3993.jpg

The Musicbox Gold Spotlight $1295.00

GOLD CTJM Advertise thumbnail_IMG_3994.jpg

  • One Personally Written Music Review (Single Track)  

  • Adding one song to CoffeeTalk Jazz Listening Loft

  • One VIP Email Jazz Blast to our Radio and Media Partners  

  • Six stunning full Color pages in CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine  

  • One 60 Minute LIVE On-Air CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio Interview  

  • One Professional Designed social media Poster for Circulation 

  • CoffeTalk Artist Inclusive Magazine Tear Sheet. For Artist Official Website

  • 10 Artist Hot Seat Questions about his or her career plus adding in artist bio  

  • One VIP Email Jazz Blast to our Radio & Media Partners 30K music subscribers

  • Pitching artist music snippet to one television or film partners for commercial consideration.

The Musician's Corner $1699.00

Platinum CTJM Advertise thumbnail_IMG_3995.jpg

•One Professional Design Marketing Poster

•One 90 Minute CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio Interview 


•One Full Color CoffeeTalk Jazz Artist Magazine Cover 


•Debuting (6 Radio Focused Tracks) from artist current E.P.​


•12 Artist Questions regarding background or career highlights

• 60 Days Artist Video Rotating on CoffeeTalk Jazz landing page


• Artist Music Video Embedded Inside CoffeeTalk Jazz Digital Magazine

•One VIP Jazz Email Blast to 100k Music Subscribers on Spotify & Apple Music

• 6 to 8 Full Color Pages Featured in CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine for each band member 


•Executive Producer one-minute video discussing artist project distributed on all social media

•One Professionally Written Music Review distributed thought-out the CoffeeTalk Jazz Network 

•Pitching artist, vocalist, songs, music snippets and performance videos to Netflix, Disney, and Warner Bros pictures for 60 days for various television, film and movie trailers projects.

•CoffeeTalk Jazz Listening Loft Playing two singles on CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio 


Currently On Blast Let's Serve a Wider Audience? 

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Standard:  $275.00
15,000 Music Subscribers

Essential:  $350.00
25,000 Music Subscribers

Premium:  $500.00
25,000 Music Subscribers

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Graphic Design Services

Need to make a lasting impression? The right combination of colors, shapes and words will define your brand. Get the perfect logo and ensure your branding hits the spot with these services.

Logo Design

Business Card

Letterhead Design

Stationary Design

Retractable Banners

Trade Show Booth Design


Design pricing available upon request.



Top Tier $699.00

Review entire CD or Album


Mid-Tier $399.00

Four Radio Focused Tracks


Lower Tier $299.00

One Radio Focused Track

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We have enjoyed serving hundreds of book Author's with our book review and promotions services. Many readers lives have been impacted and touched by the books we have recommended. Discover how to actual reach readers within your target demographic through CoffeeTalk Media Get Your Book Reviewed. 



CoffeeTalk Media delivers the convenience of a single point of contact in print, on-air and on-line web marketing. Are you ready to start your marketing campaign? CoffeeTalk is your trusted media partner. Our goal is to dramatically increase the visibility of each client, product, brand, event on a local and national level. Our strategic approach includes many channels. We have worked with the best name in the music industry.  


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