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Welcome to CoffeeTalk Jazz Top Rated Podcast

Our weekly podcast is sure to keep you entertained and informed. CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio is dedicated to bringing you the best in jazz music. Tune in to our weekly podcast on Apple Podcasts, BlogTalk Radio, Spotify, and iCloud to stay up to date on all the latest jazz news and music.

Our podcast features:

  • Interviews with Jazz Artists

  • Reviews of New Releases

  • Discussions on the History and Culture of Jazz Music

We’re thrilled to present our musical guests, who are sure to bring the house down with their incredible talent and energy. Take a listen and join us for a journey through the vibrant world of jazz!



Award-Winning Podcast Host and Executive Producer Bridgette Lewis 

Bridgette Lewis Award Photo's Short.jpg

 January 28th 2024 
INDIGO Home Page | Www Jeffloganindigo

 April 12th 2024 

Classic Twist (

  March 3rd 2024 

Welcome To The Official Website Of St. Louis Saxophonist Rod Tate

 March 10th 2024 

Rose Mallett Carrie-On Productions

 February 10th, 2024 

JOHNNY MURDAUGH, JR – Saxophonist(

 November 19th, 2023 

Bryan Lubeck | Spanish Guitar & Urban Grooves - Chicago

 September 4th, 2023 

Amandus — turn it into smooth jazz (

 November 25th 2023 


 October 15th 2023

Stephen Richard Music – Stephen Richard Music

 August 20th, 2023,

Saxophone | Tim Cunningham Music

Saxophonist Warren Will

August 3rd 2023  

Warren Hill

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