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Singer * Songwriter * Producer * Performer * Author * Lyricist 
Gene-o aka Classic Twist

Gene-o aka Classic Twist  


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Friday, April 12th, 2024, 3:00pmpst - 4:00pmmst - 6:00pmpst

CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio Welcomes Singer / Songwriter / Producer "Gene-o" Cole 04/12 by Coffee Talk Jazz Radio | Podcasting (




Artist Bio
For the love of music

From the dazzling stages of global tours alongside pop, jazz, R&B, and hip-hop legends, a dynamic group emerges with a vibrant sonic flair! 
With his amazing creative talent, one-of-a-kind signature sound and unbelievable vocal range (4 octaves), Eugene "Gene-o" Cole has the ability to capture an audience and make even the largest venue feel like an intimate gathering.  
Gene-o has been working on several new projects including a new novel scheduled for release in the summer of 2024.

Musically, Gene-o’s dream has been to create music that crosses genres and dissolves barriers. Music that stirs the soul and wakes up our ideals. Music that brings people together and makes love our common ground. Recent music like “You’re My Hero” and “Time For Change” clearly demonstrate this focus. The latter is the debut single from his new band, Classic Twist.


As vocalist, songwriter, lyricist, producer and self-taught musician, Gene-o shares his gift of song that is so transformative, it will make you believe not only in the power of love, but in the possibility of magic. His incomprehensible style will stay with you long after the show is over., Since his early childhood, Gene-o has performed, honed, and infused the passion of gospel into every aspect of his musical performances. This gospel background provides a passion to his music that is evident in everything he does.


As Gene-o grew, he listened to and admired the talents of Luther Vandross, Jeffrey Osborne, Phil Perry, Celine Dion and Patti Labelle. Their influences and his own unique gift have combined to create a style that is undeniably smooth, sexy, and seductive.


Gene-o has been fortunate to share his gifts through stage performances with a variety of artists including, but not limited to, The Jets, Lenny Williams (former lead singer for Tower of Power) and the legendary rock-n-roll group, The Bus Boys. After spending years performing around the world (China, Japan and the EU) and throughout the United States, Gene-o found himself in Los Angeles where he shot his first television pilot. The show was scheduled for broadcast in Japan, but without explanation the project was never released.


Being in Southern California rekindled Gene-o's passion for music and he quickly found himself writing, recording and performing throughout the SoCal area. Soon, he was performing at local and national venues ranging from The Triad, The Westgate Lounge, Humphrey’s by the Bay, Spaghettini's Jazz Club and various regional jazz festivals, as well as private and corporate events. In recent history, Gene-o has shared the stage with such artists as Howard Hewitt, the late Ricky Lawson, Eric Darius, Dru Hill, Joe and his musical mentor, the amazing Phil Perry.


Collaborating on new music with Felton Pilate, Tank, Monty Seward, Cal Harris Jr. and many other renowned musicians, he has not only been working on his own projects but has been writing for many others including music for the 2016 documentary Lady Diana from United Foreign Media, Inc. What About Forever was his first solo project and was mastered in 2007 however because the record label he was under folded it was never released. In 2013, it was remastered and released to much industry buzz. Signed by the Spectra Music Group in 2015, Gene-o’s project, Born to Love, was released in October of 2015 along with a Christmas CD, Christmas with Gene-o. Gene-o has been working on several new projects including a new novel scheduled for release in the summer of 2024.



Gene-o Is Available to Provide Entertainment Worldwide 

Gene-o is available to provide entertainment worldwide for concerts, tours, festivals, corporate events, fundraisers, private or celebrity functions. His performances bring 30 years of magic, energy, and fun to audiences of all ages from intimate gatherings to the largest venues.

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Book Author

Five Steps Black

The Journey: Steps Worth Taking

What would you do if you woke up one morning not recognizing who you were? How would you adjust? Would you ever be the same?


Charlie Johnson, an up-and-coming attorney at a prestigious law firm in Georgia, is on track to have the best year of his life. Tonight, everyone is gathered to witness him be named the youngest Junior Partner in his firm’s history. He's on top of the world; nothing can stop him. As the celebration weaves its way into the early morning hours, Charlie’s late start on the first day of his new position sends him racing on a stormy, wet highway, where moments later he's careening into circumstances he never saw coming. 


With the damage caused by the accident and the chaos that ensues, Charlie’s mind is pushed into a world he can’t quite make sense of. In this new and completely altered reality, Charlie awakens feeling disoriented and baffled. Why are they calling me Charles? Who are these people and why are they speaking to me like that? As he looks into the mirror to examine any damage, he is startled by the face glaring back at him.


Forced to venture well outside the comfort zone that his life of White privilege previously afforded him, Charles must learn to navigate a world he does not recognize. Is this really happening? Ill-equipped to traverse this new reality, Charles must rely on the people around him to fill in the back-story that seems to be missing from his memory. The world and its darker realities of social injustice, systemic racism, and a broken legal system start to reveal themselves in many painful and eye-opening episodes in both the cases he finds himself working, and in the realities of his new, yet very real, life.


Five Steps Black affords the reader a unique opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes for a moment and experience a world that was previously invisible.

What people are saying...

"Five Steps Black is a compelling story, told from an unique perspective, that is relevant in today's world. Well worth the read."


"Reading Five Steps Black was an incredible experience. This story brings you into a character that also needs to learn about the world's problems. Be brought along on the experience and learn. This book is going places. Bound to be a best-seller."


"Compelling - both in its unique plot and its particularly timely content. The characters will have you experiencing everything from anger, frustration, pain and even hate, simultaneously with love and laughter. A best-seller in the making." 



Five Steps Black: Steps Worth Taking: Gene-o: 9781649535061: Books

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