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Los Angeles, CA. – (September 25th, 2022) –.


Today is a defining moment and we want to take our loyal readers along for this carefree musical ride in print. It’s official CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine volume (34) has been released it is available today as a digital download. The price is $7.95 enjoy a bit of jazz, r&b, funk, gospel and soul inside each page.

CoffeeTalk Media Group Los Angeles is proud to have Zachary “Zach” Bridges a multi-genre, multi-faceted instrumentalist, composer and educator representing our national and international global brand. Zach Bridges appears on the September cover for CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine. He discovered his passion and love for music early. His unique flair and entrepreneurial vision for melodies allows him to stand-out drawing inspiration from everything around him creating a variety of melodies beautifully and seamlessly.

We are a global collective of music lovers, game-changing creatives and enthusiastic about all thing's music.


We are guided by four core principles that underpin everything in radio, print media, television, and film. The talented artists, songwriters, instrumentalist and singers gracing our covers will always be our driving force for creating our award-winning magazine.

We are equally excited about Australian saxophonist Evan Carydakis he is the one to watch. He moves effortlessly from pop-to-r&b and straight-ahead jazz. Inside our glorious glossy pages, we shine a spotlight on Masaki Araya. He is Emmy nominee recording- artist, producer, composer, and sound engineer for television and film. He is one of the most talented in the business his mixes are always pristine.

CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine is the leading voice for today’s most affluent, sophisticated, and accomplished musicians. We get up-close and personal inside the minds of the world’s most innovative music makers giving you a global perspective on the artist and their music.

Each digital edition has fast become a collectible for the most urbane and cultured supporters of the jazz community.

Order and download your copy. Tag, share and invite a friend to grab their copies. Click the link: Digital Assets:


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Los Angeles, CA. – (September 12, 2022 ) 

Music Review

Australian saxophonist Evan Carydakis is one of the most versatile international musicians I’ve meet to date. He moves effortlessly from pop-to-r&b and straight-ahead jazz. Over the past twenty-five years his style has grown and evolved. Evan’s enthusiasm and creativity on his current single “Movin On” master’s improvisation moving in out of music genres with grace and ease. His plays with warmth and sentiment flowing through his 2021 EP, ‘Groove House.’

For more than 25-years Carydakis music career and work have stood the test of time. His sound is cleararticulate and deliberate his technique tone and sound his own.  Every note coming out of Evan’s tenor and soprano saxophone will get your feet moving. The other musician’s playing and co-authoring melodies are noteworthy commanding attention. He has found the sweet spot and he stays in the music pocket ahead of the curve on his current single “Movin On” talk about funky slow & mid-tempo grooves with an unmistakable tone his sax sound will keep him at the top of the list of the Contemporary instrumentalists.


I believe the Carydakis playing is as natural as breathing in and out it is effortless. Evan also layers the sax parts on the hook giving it a harmonizing element. When you get to this level of competence, there is literally nothing you cannot do.


There are times when we are compelled to color outside the lines and his exhilarating sonic excursion, he does just that. His current single “Movin On” could easy became a major crossover hit on the pop r&b charts. Carydakis music resounds like a ray of sunshine in a gloomy world, a source of energy, a true hymn to life.


Evan’s music gives you a fresh start and a way forward after a loss or any other difficult experience, he encourages listeners to just be themselves. As we emerge and move from a post pandemic world leaving the old behind and embracing the new normal. We are all striving to be our best self and living in the moment.


Climbing the music charts, the fans have spoken, and they are embracing every note. Add “Movin On” to your music collection. Available for purchase:

Evan Carydakis - Movin On (


Music Review

Written by Bridgette Lewis

Editor and Chief - Coffee Talk Jazz Magazine

September 11th, 2022

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Los Angeles, CA. – (May 5, 2022)



CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine is proud to feature acclaimed Austrian Saxophonist, Composer and Educator Markus Zahrl as our featured artist and cover story. We are elated to have Markus grace the Spring 2022 cover representing our National and International award-winning brand.

In this coveted issue we share glimpses into the lives of incredible artists providing in-depth coverage on the gifted Men and Women who peek our curiosity. Through the artist eyes we learn about their drive, tenacity, and talent. Our readers are often interested on how each artist reinvents themselves and what makes them tick. We learned why they play, sing, write and compose music so effortlessly.


We launched Coffee Talk Magazine in 2011 with a mission to share the backstories about what it takes to maintain stamina in the unpredictable and sometime rocky music industry. “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is Music touching everyone in some way, either by listening or playing,” said Bridgette Lewis Editor and Chief Coffee Talk Jazz Magazine.


Coffee Talk Jazz Magazine focuses and connects with thousands of music fans all over the world on all thing’s music. After surveying what our digital readers wanted to see and hear we celebrate music in all its glory with varying colors of jazz, swing, R&B retro soul, classic tunes, contemporary and the big band sounds of modern jazz. You can follow our content through multiple platforms including our social media channels and though our website.


Order your subscription today and stay informed about the music business, technology, current event and more. Our Cover price is $9.95 per issue, Coffee Talk Media LLC, currently publishes our Magazine four times annually.


Enjoy a bit of jazz in your Coffee,

Founder and Editorial Director

Bridgette Lewis

Purchase and download your copy: link in my bio

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